The Project



Supporting the use of a 4WD Maternity Ambulance in Remexio, Aileu District

This Maternity Ambulance is used to transport pregnant and labouring women to the Skilled Birth Attendant for labour and birth in Remexio, Aileu District of Timor Lesté. The Maternity Ambulance helps to reduce the very high Maternal and Neonatal Mortality rates present in Timor Lesté, by increasing the number of woman able to have a Skilled Birth Attendant at their birth.  It also transports them home after a safe birth, and also transports women to a hospital if further intervention is required.



Providing equipment (BP & stethoscopes, fetal dopplers, portable ultrasound machines), education and teaching resources for midwives, to assist them in provision of safe care during pregnancy, labour and birth – (add attached photo of midwives with equipment)



Maternity Kits
(for new mums that don’t have necessary items for their babies)  – replace the existing photo with the new attached photo of midwife with new mum and maternity kit)

Approximately US$3,000-4,000 are donated each year and items purchased and assembled in Timor Lesté, to give Mums and their new babies items they will need at the time of birth.  These are donated to a Maternity Clinic in Dili and also Remexio.